3 Time Ms. Olympia Bikini Finally Reveals Her Best Training Techniques For Achieving Sexy Abs & Shapely Glutes

Announcing the launch of 3 time Ms. Olympia Bikini's Glute & Ab Online Training Videos

  • Abs Training Videos Contain's Ashley's Top 8 Exercises For Toned Abs
  • Get The Shapely Glutes You've Wanted Through Ashley's Top Glute Exercises
  • $40 BONUS Includes Her Own 4 Week Training Schedule & 3 Month Pre Contest Diet

Hi, Ashley here….

I have a question for you.

Are you looking to get the best toned Abs that you can?

Have you hit a wall with your Glute training and looking for an edge?

If that describes you, you’re not alone.

Getting toned abs and shapely glutes is not easy.

You may not know where to start.

Or you’ve been doing the same exercises over and over again but just can’t seem to push through your plateau.

In a moment, I’m going to show you why toned abs and shapely glutes are within your reach.

Hi, my name is Ashley Kaltwasser and I’ve won Ms. Olympia Bikini three years in a row.

It hasn’t always been easy. I’ve had to put a lot of hard work into transforming my body.

Like you, I didn’t know where to start. I experimented with different exercises. Some worked, and some didn’t. Then there were the diets. I made mistake after mistake.

However, over time I figured out the right combination of exercise and diet. It wasn’t easy. But I finally figured it out.

And then….

I won Ms. Olympia Bikini. I was excited, but I still wasn’t happy.

You see, nobody in the history of the sport had won twice.

That made me dive into my exercise and diet programs and refine them even further. I threw out what didn’t work, and tweaked what did.

I was rewarded for my efforts,

By winning the following year AGAIN!

I continue to train the same way.

And then I began getting questions.

“Ashley, what is your secret to toning your abs?”

“What do you do to get the best glutes possible?”

Back then, I wasn’t able to provide any good answer. Besides, I was focused more on improving my own exercise and diet plans.

It wasn’t until I was training for my third title that I realized I had the winning formula.

So after winning Ms. Olympia Bikini for the THIRD time,

I decided to finally spill the secrets.

You see, everyone makes things way too complicated.

It doesn’t have to be.

That’s why I created two online video programs to get everyone started.

I ‘trimmed the fat’ from my training and ended up only the BEST exercises that I’ve found to work.

Not only that, but I teamed up with celebrity and professional athlete trainer Steven J. Wong.

Together, we came out with our 2 online training video programs.

Introducing the Abs Training Video & Glute Training Video System

I decided to launch both programs at once. Here’s what you’ll find in each system:

Top 8 Exercises That You'll Ever Need For Toned Abs

Why guess which exercises are the most effective? I break down the 8 exercises I've found to be the most effective at shaping and toning your abs. Speed up your learning curve by taking advantage of my experience and constant testing.

Detailed Explanation Of Each Exercise

I'll take  you through a detailed explanation of each exercise with celebrity & professional athlete trainer Steven J Wong. Avoid costly training mistakes & learn proper form to achieve faster results.

Complete Guide To The Top 8 Glute Exercises

Be prepared to make your glutes burn through these 8 exercises. The exercises were designed to maximize glute involvement, with special attention to proper form. I took the 'fluff' out of the glute program and shaped it down to only the ESSENTIAL exercises you'll need.

So, how much will the program cost you? EACH individual program is priced at $49.00. I’ve also decided to throw in 2 bonuses:

BONUS 1: No-Fluff 3 Month Pre-Contest Diet ($19.95 Value)

You'll get my laser targeted 3 month meal plan. Want to know my nutrition plan secrets? I'll break it down into the bare essentials. Forget confusing and complicated meal plans. You'll get the EXACT meal plan I used over the 3 month period leading to the Ms. Olympia Bikini competition. No fluff. Just take action.

Bonus 2: My 4 Week Training Schedule ($19.95 Value)

Want to put your Ab & Glute program to work right away? I'll reveal my exact 4 week training plan that includes all the exercises and sets that you can do. Getting started? I provide a gradual progression. Looking for an advanced plan? Skip right to week 3 to challenge yourself!

Get in touch with us...

Please contact us at Ashleykfit@yahoo.com for all purchase inquiries!

Thank you very much.